Legal Consulting For Oilfield Quality

QMRC personnel have been involved in legal proceedings as consultants and expert witnesses for product conformance, contract/purchase order conformance and quality management system conformance in the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries over the past twenty years. We have assisted operating companies, insurance companies, industry organizations, and federal organizations in discovering and evaluating evidence, providing declarations and entering depositions in support of legal proceedings.

QMRC provides consulting and auditing services to major and independent oilfield operators, engineering companies, manufacturers, distribution companies, and service organizations. Because of our wide base of experience, we have a unique understanding of the quality practices of the oil and gas industry and the issues that arise when ordering products and services within the industry. This experience and the knowledge we have gained through participation in standards-making committees have provided us with the practical and technical knowledge to evaluate products, services, and quality requirements to the respective contracts and purchase orders.

Respect for our organization by industry organizations are evidenced by the following:

• Presentation of the seminar "Guidelines for Properly Purchasing API Monogram Equipment", sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute (API) - this seminar was developed by, and is being presented by Mr. Lanny Gookin, QMRC President and Senior Consultant, to major oil and gas companies, manufacturers, and industry trade organizations

• Publication of the paper " ISO TS 29001:2003 Set to Enhance Quality in the Oil and Gas Industry " in ISO Management Systems - this paper, co-authored by Mr. Gookin and C.K. Peurifoy of Quality Support International, Inc. was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in July 2004.