Guidelines for Purchasing API® Monogram® Equipment

This course is "an informative how-to that highlights the benefits of properly purchasing API monogrammed equipment". The focus is on the how-to aspects of ordering and the benefit that your company derives when API monogrammed products are appropriately ordered. By understanding and using the methodology, a company can ensure that the purchasing system for API products is consistent by specifying the correct information on its purchase orders and that the manufacturer or supplier has the proper information to fulfill the order.

Attendees who have experience or training in purchasing API Monogrammed Equipment will benefit by enhancing their knowledge. Attendees with no prior knowledge or experience in purchasing API Monogrammed Equipment will greatly benefit by establishing a solid foundation for consistent purchases of oilfield equipment through the use of API standardized specifications and recommended practices.

Seminar Schedules - Purchasing API Monogrammed Equipment 2004 Fall Schedule